Know The Internet To Know Your Game

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games have swept the entertainment industry and have carved an entire culture out of the Internet. Friends new and old come together to tackle amazing challenges and forge real memories with a digital world, but there are times when the experience is less epic than planned. Slow or inconsistent Internet and computer performance issues can render the greatest online games useless, so take the time to understand what could be affecting your gameplay and how to solve the problem.

Managing A Game Server With Or Without Your Own Equipment

Gaming has changed a lot over the past two or three decades, moving from public arcades to home consoles and now computers connecting to powerful gaming industry servers. The power has come to the hands of the players, allowing technically-astute gamers to create servers that other players can connect to across the Internet. If you're planning on running a game server, you're served with two major choices: building your own server or leasing colocation services.