The Importance Of A Decent Internet Connection

Have Satellite Internet? Upgrade To Broadband Internet To Eliminate Primary Issues

Getting an Internet connection in your home was likely a top priority when you first signed up with a satellite Internet service provider. It may have allowed your family to browse the web, read emails, do homework, and handle other basic tasks that can only be accomplished by using the Internet. But, if you now have an option to switch from satellite to broadband Internet in the form of cable, you should consider learning about how you can benefit from making such an upgrade right away. Eliminate Dish Issues The dish on your roof is not indestructible. If you live in an area where thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes are a possibility, eventually the dish will come crashing down. It might not happen for years, but you do not need to take such a risk with cable Internet as the cabling is underground. In a storm, these dishes become flying objects that could potentially damage your home. As soon as you get cable hooked up, you can climb up to the roof or hire a roofer to detach it and take it down for good. Gain a Reliable Connection Satellite Internet is the only option that some people have, and that is fine because it works well. But, there are many obstructions that can get in the way of a reliable connection. Tall trees, dish position, rain, and clouds can all disrupt the connection by slowing it down or bringing it to a halt. Cable Internet does not have this problem and should only go down when the power goes down in the entire house.  Enjoy Higher Data Caps... read more

3 Signs That It’s Time To Modernize Your Company’s Technology

If your company isn’t very tech-heavy, you might be using the same equipment that you have been using for years. However, there comes a time when every business needs to modernize its technology. These are a few signs that it’s time to make changes within your business. 1. You Haven’t Put a Focus on Security Although you certainly don’t want any of your company or your clients’ private information to leak out, there’s a chance that you haven’t taken any steps to prevent it. Hackers are getting smarter and more advanced these days, and an old, outdated system that hasn’t been updated in a while can be a prime target. If you haven’t put a focus on security lately, now is the time to consider working with an IT company that can ensure that your network is secure. This is important for both the safety of your business-related information and the security of any private information that you might store about your customers. 2. You’re Dealing With Constant Issues Just because the same old network and computers have been lasting for years does not mean that it isn’t time for a change. If you have found that your computers have been freezing up or failing more often lately, or if you have been dealing with more server-related issues than ever before, it might be time to modernize your technology. Upgrading, updating and replacing some or all of your equipment and software could help you enjoy a more streamlined and productive workday and can help prevent the aggravation — and cost — of equipment that is constantly failing. 3. Your... read more

Know The Internet To Know Your Game

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games have swept the entertainment industry and have carved an entire culture out of the Internet. Friends new and old come together to tackle amazing challenges and forge real memories with a digital world, but there are times when the experience is less epic than planned. Slow or inconsistent Internet and computer performance issues can render the greatest online games useless, so take the time to understand what could be affecting your gameplay and how to solve the problem.  Understanding Internet Speeds Internet speed is usually easy to gauge when it comes to loading web pages or downloading files. With file downloading, you’ll have some sort of timer that shows how long the download will take, how big the file is and how many kilobytes or megabytes are being downloaded per second. Alongside kilobytes, on the download, you may recall that your Internet connection is measured in kilobits or megabits. This is a somewhat confusing and often ignored issue that mixes up newcomers to Internet technology. When speaking of bits, you’re talking about the speed of a connection, just as miles/kilometers per hour (mph/kmp or km/h) is used for car speed. When speaking of bytes, you’re talking about a capacity or the actual downloaded file. A good way to think of bytes is by comparing it to a physical product, such as pounds or kilograms of vegetables. The terms are often mixed up by everyone from novice Internet users to experienced technicians using quick explanations. The best advice is not to worry about the mistake; being given the wrong unit isn’t any form of dishonesty unless someone tells you that a file will... read more

Managing A Game Server With Or Without Your Own Equipment

Gaming has changed a lot over the past two or three decades, moving from public arcades to home consoles and now computers connecting to powerful gaming industry servers. The power has come to the hands of the players, allowing technically-astute gamers to create servers that other players can connect to across the Internet. If you’re planning on running a game server, you’re served with two major choices: building your own server or leasing colocation services. An overview of the two options can help you figure out what’s best for your budget and skill level. Self-Built And Managed Gaming Server Requirements Gaming servers–like any servers–have a few unique differences from personal computers and workstations. That data that runs through the server is a combination of requests from the network (and deeper networks such as the Internet). This data is processed by the server software suite, which contains specific information on how to handle that data. For game servers, the server itself is a game world. Monsters, items, environmental changes and other activities that simulate a living world are constantly being processed, although some servers may pause the activities if no players are connected. The incoming data is in the form of player information, such as connecting to the game, attacking enemies, opening item chests, spending money and chatting with other players. To handle these demands, a processor with a lot more power and heat than standard workstation computers is necessary. Although it’s possible to buy server machines from dedicated server design companies, you’ll need to upgrade with more parts as user demand increases. Wear and tear is a normal part... read more

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