Can You Benefit From Having A Home Service?

Have you been wondering if it is worth having a landline home phone service in your home, but you currently have cell phone service? If so, it will help to know some reasons why it is still worth having a landline.

You Want To Make Emergency Calls

One of your main concerns may be to have a phone line for emergency calls. It can be one of the most reliable ways to make a phone call if other options are not available to you. That is because many areas have landlines that are still run through underground utility lines, so the phone service will not be knocked out if there is a storm. A corded telephone is also going to be operational even if you do not have power, so you do not need to depend on your cell phone being charged or a nearby cell tower having power. 

You Have Children In Your Home

It is also a good idea to have a landline if you have children in your home. Using a smartphone can be difficult for a child to use if there is an emergency because they don't always know where the phone is located and may have difficulty using it. If a landline is in the home, it is going to be much easier for your child to dial 911 if they have to.

It can also be nice to have a landline at home when your kids are older, so you can call the home phone to verify that your child is there. If they have a cell phone, you do not know where they are answering the phone unless you have location tracking turned on. The home phone is only going to be answered at home.

You Have A Security System

Some security systems actually require that you have some sort of landline so that the security system can dial out to the police if necessary. Even though these systems use the Internet, the phone service is going to be much more reliable to work when it is needed. For example, you do not want the security system to not be able to operate in a power outage or Internet outage.

You Have A Door Buzzer

Do you live in an apartment building where you have a buzzer in the main lobby? Many of these older buzzer systems require a landline to call up to your unit. A landline will be needed if you want to take advantage of the buzzer system.