3 Things To Compare When Shopping Around For Cable TV Services

Are you fortunate enough to have multiple cable TV service providers in your area, and don't know which one to go with? It may help to compare the following things to ensure that you're picking the one that is best for you.

Equipment Options

Start by looking at what your various equipment options will be, since you may quickly discover that you have a preference for one over the other. For example, while it is common for cable TV suppliers to provide options for DVRs, the type of DVR that you have can depend on what is offered to you. It could be that the cable TV service uses a DVR brand that you've used in the past, or a unique system custom made for their customers. Even the remote control can make a big difference, since it's what you'll be using all of the time to change channels. If you have a universal remote, check to see if the equipment will be compatible with it. 

If you decide to get a DVR, check to see how many recording hours are offered with each type of equipment. You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of space to fit all of your favorite shows.

Channel Packages

The different channel packages can vary from one TV provider to the next. A channel that is found in a basic package on one cable TV provider can be in a higher tier package on another. Come up with a list of your favorite channels and see which packages they fall into, then look at which tier package on both services has them all. You may discover that one service requires a cheaper package to get all those channels, or you have to sacrifice some favorites to lower the monthly cost. 

On Demand Options

More people are timeshifting their TV and watching shows to on demand. Check to see what options each cable TV service has for on demand programming. While most TV stations have some form of on demand programming, having it be integrated into the programming guide can be a huge perk to make it easily accessible.

In addition, check to see if you can use your cable TV login credentials to login to the various apps provided by each channel you subscribe to. You may enjoy the benefits of viewing TV on your computer or tablet, but you can only do it if the cable TV provider is supported.