Do You Need Business Internet Installed At Your Home?

If you have been working from home recently, you may be wondering if you actually need to have a business Internet connection rather than a residential one. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to determine which kind of Internet service to have installed.

Do You Need Faster Speeds?

You may have noticed that your Internet speeds at home are not quite as fast as the speeds back at the office. That is because it is common for business Internet plans to have faster speeds than residential plans. You may find that your upload speeds are not capped at a specific transfer rate, allowing you to upload files much faster to other co-workers. If you notice slow speeds that are impacting your job, then you may need to upgrade to a business Internet package.

Do You Need A Static IP?

A static IP address may be necessary for some services that you use for your business. For example, if you have a server in your home that other people connect to, you could benefit from having a static IP so that the address does not change when your Internet connection is reset. Static IPs are not typically offered with residential Internet plans, so you'll need to upgrade to a business plan for this feature.

Do You Need Guaranteed Service Uptime?

If your job depends on an Internet connection at all times, it is possible that you need an uptime guarantee from your Internet service provider. Business Internet packages typically have priority over their residential counterparts, meaning that technicians try to restore service to business customers first when there is an outage. A business plan is not going to guarantee uptime 100% of the time, but it will definitely minimize your downtime. You may even get priority customer support through a different phone number so that you have shorter hold times. 

Do You Need Unlimited Data Caps?

Do you have a job where you find yourself transferring a lot of data on a daily basis? You may be running into an issue where you are reaching your Internet data cap, which causes your speeds to slow down or be charged overages. A business plan will likely not have these same data caps in place, which means you can upload or download as much data as necessary without worrying about hidden fees and expensive overages that you have to pay for out of your own pocket. 

If you'd like to upgrade your internet service, reach out to an internet installation service in your area.